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Helio Gets a Write Up in the Archaic Film Blog

Check out Archaic Film Blog’s AWESOME shout-out to HELIO in their write-up of the Utopiales Film Festival!! Click the image below.



Helio Featured in the “Take One” Film Blog

After a successful showing across the pond at the Cambridge Film Festival, HELIO was featured in the “Take One” film blog: “HELIO… is an impressive and thrilling look into a dystopian future…”

Check out the full review by Katrina Smith here!



Helio Mentioned in MovieMaker Magazine!

Exciting news, guys! Moviemaker Magazine just gave a shout-out to HELIO in their post on the FilmQuest Festival experience!!! Check out the excerpt below:

“The variety, creativity and production quality of the films impressed beyond my expectations and helped banish the notion that genre events are somehow less serious than traditional film festivals. Whether your thing is mind-warping horror (The House at the End of Time), time-travel comedy (“One-Minute Time Machine”) or dystopian sci-fi (“Helio”), there was much to take seriously.”#‎HelioTheFilm‬#‎FilmQuest‬ ‪#‎MovieMaker‬



Film Pulse Praises Helio!

Check out what Film Pulse had to say about HELIO at FilmQuest:

“Teddy Cecil’s “Helio” is an ambitious dystopian tale about one man who seizes an opportunity to find out just what lies beyond the city limits. It features plenty of great visual effects, quite noteworthy because of its low budget, well paced action sequences and an engaging story that will make you want to see reach its unexpected conclusion.”



10 out of 10 Stars for HELIO!

Check out this FANTASTIC review of our film from Atlas & Aeris, the exceptional International Magazine of Independent Film!

“Like a lot of great stories, this one unfolds organically and without the intervention of a narrator; drawing upon a legacy of futuristic dystopias — from Star Wars to Orwell — it advances from the mysterious elements of a future society to a thrilling chase…”



Official Atlas Helio Review Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for an official review of HELIO from the esteemed Atlas & Aeris Magazine, a publication comprised of film critics who aspire to go beyond the “surficial dimensions of film and delve into the complexities of plot, symbology, technique, production – and above all, meaning – with the purpose of fostering an international platform for review, serious analysis, and informed discussion.” ‪#‎HelioTheFilm‬ ‪#‎AtlasAeris‬



Gossip ERA Review for MiSciFi 2015

Check out this review for MiSciFi 2015! Couldn’t have been a better experience: a ton of great films, a wonderful group of talented filmmakers and a theater full of passionate fans — a stellar festival, all around. Big thanks again to Troy Bernier and Eric Swain. ‪#‎HelioTheFilm‬ ‪#‎MiSciFi‬


‘Helio’ – A Science Fiction Genre Savior

HELIO’s first official online review is in!!! Check out Becca Rose’s piece, “‘Helio’ – A Science Fiction Genre Savior” on

Click here to read the review!