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Helio Wins Two Awards from Atlas & Aeris!

Awesome news outta the prestigious Atlas & Aeris Awards: HELIO just won BEST ACTION FILM and BEST SCIENCE FICTION FILM!! Congratulations to all cast and crew!

And if you’ve got a moment, feel free to check-out A&A’s stellar review of HELIO from last year here!




10 out of 10 Stars for HELIO!

Check out this FANTASTIC review of our film from Atlas & Aeris, the exceptional International Magazine of Independent Film!

“Like a lot of great stories, this one unfolds organically and without the intervention of a narrator; drawing upon a legacy of futuristic dystopias — from Star Wars to Orwell — it advances from the mysterious elements of a future society to a thrilling chase…”



Official Atlas Helio Review Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for an official review of HELIO from the esteemed Atlas & Aeris Magazine, a publication comprised of film critics who aspire to go beyond the “surficial dimensions of film and delve into the complexities of plot, symbology, technique, production – and above all, meaning – with the purpose of fostering an international platform for review, serious analysis, and informed discussion.” ‪#‎HelioTheFilm‬ ‪#‎AtlasAeris‬